Who We Are

South Island Pets Team was created and registered as a Non-Profit in 2012.  Members from each local Emergency Social Services Teams (ESS) banded together to provide a regional team who would put focus on the families with animals who are displaced during a disaster.
We are not a rescue!  We are an Emergency Disaster Response Team.

Did you know?

Currently there are no laws requiring the Province to allow animals into Reception Centers?  This means you would either have to leave your pet at home, or not stay as the Reception Center if you were displaced.
Alberta ASPCA Emergency Planning
South Island Pets Team follows the same mandates and procedures as the ESS teams.  We cannot just show up at a location, we must be invited by the local fire department, ESS team or Emergency Management BC (EMBC).
We provide 72 hours of care to animals in a Reception Center setting.  If a Reception Center is not required, we work with the family and local ESS team to organize care for the animal whether with a Boarding Facility, Vet Clinic, Animal Control, SPCA, or local Foster Family.